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The Disc

Health of the discs demon­stra­tes health of the spine. Chi­ro­prac­tor — doctor of chi­ro­prac­tic takes the load off the discs. Relie­ves pres­sure of the nerves, adju­sts for­ces across the spine and resto­res har­mo­nious func­tio­ning of your tis­sues and inter­nal organs.


Pain, diz­zi­ness, and tin­ni­tus are cau­sed by bloc­ka­ges of the spine, cau­sing pres­sure on nerves and blood ves­sels. Chi­ro­prac­tor — doctor of chi­ro­prac­tic is able to help even when heada­ches and migra­ines have been tre­ated unsuc­cess­fully for seve­ral years.

Ten­nis elbow

The so-called ten­nis elbow is an over­load due to an imba­lance of the fol­lo­wing body parts: spine, pelvis, knees and feet. For this reason, Pawel Czar­nocki — doctor of chi­ro­prac­tic USA — adju­sts your whole musculo-skeletal sys­tem in order to cor­rect the exi­sting inba­lance acting upon your elbow!


Pre­cise adju­st­ment of the neck impro­ves the func­tio­ning of your whole body. Skil­l­ful chi­ro­prac­tor — doctor of chi­ro­prac­tic tre­ats effec­ti­vely — heada­ches, diz­zi­ness, tin­ni­tus, pre­vents fusions of the neck and dege­ne­ra­tion process.

Pro­fes­sio­nal sport

During years of sport tra­ining, the body of an ath­lete accu­mu­la­tes abnor­mal reac­tions in his musculo-skeltal sys­tem. Pawel Czar­nocki adju­sts ath­le­tes body in order for him/her to achieve Best Results in sports and most impor­tan­tly to avoid injuries.


During deve­lop­ment of the child, comes to the irri­ta­tion of the nervous sys­tem from its skull and spi­nal column. A skil­led chi­ro­prac­tor cor­rects the spine and restors har­mo­nie in the child‘s body.


In the early stage of sco­lio­sis, chi­ro­prac­tor — doctor of chi­ro­prac­tic cor­rects the cause of it and applies man­da­tory exer­ci­ses in oder to keep the spine in its cor­rect position.